T5 picks Alpharetta for $75M data center

Atlanta-based T5 Partners LLC has picked Alpharetta as then site of a $75 million data center.
The 103,000 square foot building, expected to open in November, will be among the five largest data centers in the region.
The data center, located on 12 acres, will include 54,000 square feet of "raised space" — the area where servers and other computer equipment is housed.
Data centers, which can be as large as shopping malls, are stacked floor-to-ceiling with computer servers and other hardware that power websites, crunch data and store information. Critical to modern business and holding terabytes of sensitive information, data centers are equipped with duplicate power and network systems to ensure against blackouts.
Demand for data centers is growing as technology allows businesses to focus on their core competencies. A greater focus on the bottom line also means companies are looking to cut operational costs by outsourcing data center work.
Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S. for data center space, in terms of build-out and demand, New York-based Tier1 Research said in November. Several firms, including E*Trade, Google, Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM Corp., have data center operations in the region.
Metro Atlanta — relatively free of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes — is an ideal location, since mission-critical data centers must be up and running 24/7. The region also has good fiber infrastructure and reliable and relatively inexpensive power. Atlanta’s major industry clusters — media, research and financial services — are also heavy data center users.
While demand for data centers in metro Atlanta was flat over the past two years, it is expected to increase about 30 percent next year.
T5's data center, which will have redundant power systems, could have a single large tenant, Partner Jason Chartrand said.
It will, however, built to accomodate as many as 10 tenants, occupying on average about 10,000 square feet each, he said.
While the tenants would be under the same roof, each business would have secure and separate data center space and dedicated infrastructure, including power and fiber.

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